My Favorite Things

Like most everyone, there are things that we enjoy, whether it's to make our lives a little easier, spoil our four-legged friends or to place in our homes to give us a smile.  These are a few of My Favorite Things ... 

Starbark's Pet Beds

My dogs and puppies have been enjoying these beds for years. And now yours can too!   They are extremely well made and come in a multitude of colors and different sizes.  For cockers, I recommend the 24" size, for puppies, the 18" is great too.  To order yours (and I think many are on sale now!), go to WWW.STARBARKSPETBEDS.COM  which links you to their Ebay store.  Tell them Lisa sent you! 

Cocker Classic Magazine

The title says it all!  

Cocker Classic has been one of my favorite magazines for many years.  Not only is it filled with helpful articles regarding the health and well-being of our breed, grooming tips, updates on shows, top cockers and more, it's bursting with photos of gorgeous cockers from around the world! 

To order, simply contact Eilene White at [email protected] .  You can also click on the picture of the magazine here which will bring you right to the Cocker Classic site. 
More Coming Soon!  
Thanks for your patience!
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