From Bailey's Family


May  2015

We both grew up with cocker spaniels and love their personality and temperament. Our last two cockers passed away at the ripe old age of 16.5 and 16 years.

When you have a dog and a breed you love, you hope to find another with the same happy, fun-loving personality.

We found Lisa by way of a breeder our veterinarian had as a client. We were looking for a loving and responsible breeder and Lisa at Pinecliff’s Cockers is just that. It’s obvious she cares about her cockers and about those that become part of the Pinecliff extended family. 

Lisa allowed us to watch our Bailey come into the world, and what an experience that was to see! We were able to watch Bailey (aka Darcy) daily and her siblings grow and meet all their little milestones.

We have had Bailey for a few weeks now and she is beautiful, with a sweet personality, very affectionate, intelligent and confident. She loves running and exploring her new yard, chasing her ball (or butterflies) and carrying every stick she can find. She instantly tried her best and succeeded to befriend the cats. We loved her from day one. It shows that her parents Isabelle and Ike were a good match. 

Thank you Lisa and Sandy for allowing us to be part of the Pinecliff family and trusting us to make Bailey part of our family.

- Kim and Pete Chenard
From Tessa's Family

September  2015

I attended an AKC dog show in Bridgewater, NJ in September 2015 in hopes of making a contact to fill the void left by the loss of our Dotsy on July 5, a beautiful black and white parti cocker spaniel.  Dotsy was our 4th cocker and we loved her so much, as we have all of our cockers.  It was the first time we didn't have the buffer of 'heartbreak insurance', our term for a younger dog to buffer the loss of the older one.  For the first time in 40 years we were dogless and heartbroken.
The first person I met at the show was Lisa Gaertner.  Fate, I know now.  We talked about my 'wish list' for our next dog.  Lisa intimated that she might be needing to find a family for a pup that exactly fit our wish list.  Lisa and I communicated via email over the next couple of weeks and from those discussions, Lisa determined that Tess was the girl for Bill and me.  We were delirious .. afraid to hope ..
I am now sitting here on my couch next to Tessa.  She is the sweetest little girl, even our friends that are not 'dog people' think that she is the dearest pup they've ever met.  On the Pinecliff Cockers website, it's stated that "Above All They Must Be Merry" and I can unequivocally say that she is that!
When we went to Lisa's home, we were greeted by a houseful of exuberant dogs, all ages, colors and sexes.  What a happy place!  Tessa was and is just a beautiful girl, inside and out.  We can't look at her without smiling.   Thank you Thank you Thank you!
~  Mary Jane and Bill

From Callie's Family

May 2015

We lost our first Cocker, Amber, after 11 year wonderful years with her. When we were ready, we knew our next dog would have to be another Cocker. The loving temperament they have is so special. We began our search though the AKC site, which led us to the American Spaniel Club. We contacted them for referral and Lisa was at the top of the list (coincidentally, we were already looking at the Pinecliff Cockers site).
It seemed meant to be and has been a wonderful experience. We have been able to see our new baby come into the world and watch as she spent her first couple of months in the loving care of Lisa’s home. Our little Callie has brought us great joy. Lisa, Sandy and the rest of the Pinecliff crew did an outstanding job. When Lisa tells you that you’re part of the Pinecliff family, she means every word. We have been sincerely treated like family and are so grateful to her. Only that kind of love and commitment could bring such a beauty as our Callie into the world.
- Gary & Antoinette from Toms River, NJ

From Isabelle and Wyatt’s Family

MAy 2012

"Over the last 26 years my husband and I have owned 3 cocker spaniels. Sadly, this past winter we lost two cocker spaniels that were beloved members of our family for the last 11 and 14 years. In January I started on a journey to find the perfect breeder for our next puppy. I first saw Madison in Cocker Classic. Needless to say it was love at first sight! After spending a month researching breeders across the country, I knew my search was over. I had found the perfect breeder with the perfect mother for our future puppy. My husband and I decided we would wait as long as it took and travel 1000 miles from our home to New Jersey to bring home our new bundle of love. Our next family dog would be a Pinecliff Cocker puppy!
I have tremendous admiration and respect for Lisa. She is extremely knowledgeable of the breed and is active in handling and showing her own dogs. All of her dogs are beautiful representatives of the breed standard with loving temperaments. But first and foremost they are all members of her family. They all live in her home and not in kennels outside of the home. They lovingly share her couch as all dogs should. There are way too many dog beds though out the house to even count! They romp and play in her beautiful fenced in yard overlooking Pinecliff Lake. Lisa is a wealth of information and is always eager to answer questions. She updates her Facebook group with pictures of the puppies in all phases of their development. Every evening she graciously welcomed me into her home thru UStream to watch the puppies. Even though I was a 1000 miles away, I felt like I bonded with our bundle of love from the time that I first saw her at 4 weeks old. But what continues to impress me the most is the love that she has for all of her dogs and puppies. Nothing is more important to her than ensuring that they are all placed with the best family possible in a forever loving home and that they are cared for and loved for the rest of their lives.
Baby Isabelle came home with us in early March. She is the love of our lives! We feel so blessed to have her as part of our family and for our family to be part of the Pinecliff Cocker family!
Debbie, Jim, Michael and our newest member “Isabelle”

From Gibbs's Family

March 2015

We first met Lisa Gaertner along withthe eye-catching Madison nearly two years ago at the Harrisburg Dog Show. At that time Madison was 11 months old and we were so impressed with her poise and conformation. It became readily apparent after talking with Lisa for just a few minutes how engaging she is and how much she loves her dogs. It became equally apparent how dedicated she is to offering quality puppies to carefully selected homes. Lisa is uncompromising in placing her puppies in homes where she feels that puppy will receive the same love and care she would give.
We got on the puppy list and on December 29, 2011 we had the opportunity to bring Gibbs into our lives. This is our third Cocker and although Classy and Bailey will always hold a special spot in our lives, Lisa has brought us Gibbs and it would be very empty around here without him. What a beautiful litter to pick from but Gibbs seemed to ooze, "Pick Me, Pick Me" which we did.
Lisa is very meticulous in preparing her puppies for their new homes. She provides well documented vet visits, shot records and Health Certificate. There is also a Puppy Growth Chart which shows all their significant events. When we took Gibbs to his first visit with our Vet, Pinecliff Cockers received glowing praise not only for Gibbs but for Lisa's administration. Lisa also provided a nightly UStream website which was a fantastic watch every night...unbelievable watching them grow and to see the love and care they were receiving.
We couldn't be anymore thrilled with our Pinecliff Cockers experience...Thanks Lisa!
Most Sincerely, Ellen and Richard Strock (Gibbs too)
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From Abby and Harry’s Family

March 2012

Well Lisa, I have to say it has been a great couple of months with Abby. She is full of energy and loves exploring all the new things introduced to her life. She is the great explorer of the yard! Trying to catch the birds to play with, or seeing the rabbit and thinking "oh, a new friend". She catches the ball and returns it too.. Loves to RUN! Sometimes I think she would do well with agility training.
Of course she also has a mind of her own, that's when we wonder if she knows her name or is she just ignoring you..LOL!
Cuddler, thats her middle name in the evening. she trys to make believe she is sleeping at night on my bed. I actually let her get a couple of cuddle hours in but then slipped her into her pen area. During the day when she sleeps, you can't move. ..the minute you do shes up and following.
We all love her very much and she has been a great addition to our family. I'm glad you get to see her grow also. So I'll call you later and see about stopping by. Thank you again for letting us have her.
Hugs and puppy Kisses from us and especially Abby.
Linda Weinacker and Abby

From Madeline’s Family

August 2012

We met Lisa at the Canine Learning Experience in Allentown not long after we had lost our beloved Molly who was 15. She was so kind and understanding. She gave us her phone number so that when we were ready to get another cocker we could give her a call. At times we thought we’d never be ready, but finally we couldn’t stand the emptiness any longer. I contacted Lisa and she said if we could wait she’d be having a litter more toward Christmas. Since the time was right for us right then and we weren’t sure we could wait, we asked if she could recommend anyone else. She graciously gave me the name and number of another person who might be able to help us out. That’s when we got our beautiful red and white Hannah from Jessica who handles Lisa’s dogs. Lisa had me keep in contact with her. I shared pictures and milestones with her. Her loving spirit was evident, so that when we decided to get Hannah a buddy there was no doubt where we would go for it. Lisa opened up her home and heart by having us join her on Ustream. I chatted with her and other friends of Pinecliff Cockers. I soon learned that puppies receive human touch 24/7 while with Lisa. Her friend Sandy helps make that possible. I loved that, knowing that they are lovingly cared for inside her house as a part of her family. Lisa meticulously cares for their living space and keeps fantastic records of each pup’s progress. All of her pups are healthy, happy, and well-socialized little ones. Lisa is a warm and generous person whose top priority is raising beautiful representatives of the breed standard with loving temperaments. Our black and tan Madeline is one beautiful, happy little puppy who loves to kiss and cuddle. She has gorgeous markings and loves to romp and play with her sister Hannah. I also appreciate that once you take your puppy home, Lisa continues to keep in contact and makes you feel a part of her Pinecliff family. I will always cherish the DVD of Madeline that Lisa gave to us when we picked her up and would not hesitate to tell others about Pinecliff Cockers nor get another from her. We love our little Madeline. She fills our lives with joy and always keeps us smiling. Thank you, Lisa, for all your love, support, and wonderful companions.
Kathy and Michael from Pennsylvania